Which type of door should you specify? Select the door type that best fits your project needs by using this helpful guide.

Commercial sectional garage doors are appropriate when thermal efficiency is a concern, where window space is desired for light or visibility, or simply for aesthetic reasons. Sectional doors also operate quietly and generate little noise in windy applications. They require significant backroom or headroom, depending on the application. This product family includes thermal, ribbed, rail and stile, and raised panel doors.

Raynor TC Series (Tricor Series)
With a proven track record for thermal efficiency and extreme durability, Raynor TC Series, TC300 and TC 320 garage doors are simply the best you can specify. With extruded polystyrene insulation thermally bonded between two steel skins, TC Series garage doors have an exceptional R-value of 17.05. And, its superior construction has made it the most specified sectional garage door on the market.

Raynor TC200
With 2″ garage door sections, TC200 is constructed of rugged galvanized steel inside and out. And, its two-sided steel design features a laminated core of CFC-free expanded polystyrene insulation for an R-value of 10.25

Raynor ThermaSeal™
Our durable, energy-efficient sectional garage door. Our exclusive process fills 100% of the door’s interior space with energy-saving polyurethane foam insulation to deliver exceptional R-values. This process also provides superior foam density for excellent structural integrity. For maximum thermal protection, choose ThermaSeal.

Raynor Rugged SteelForm™
Garage doors are ideal for commercial and industrial applications. SteelForm door sections are a full 2″ thick and made of hot-dipped galvanized steel for maximum rust resistance. It is available for both heavy duty, and light duty designs.

Raynor AlumaView™
Garage doors have long been the standard fixture for facilities that require dependable, attractive doors that offer maximum visibility. With an anodized-finished extruded aluminum frame, AlumaView door sections are a full 1-3/4″ or 2″ thick.

Clopay Polystyrene insulated Doors
These high quality, polystyrene insulated steel garage doors provide energy efficiency and reliable service under demanding conditions, making them ideal for use in municipal buildings, warehouses and shipping dock applications, or wherever value and energy efficiency is needed. These commercial doors come in sizes from 1 3/8″ to 3″.

Clopay Economy Series
Premium duty 20 gauge and heavy-duty 24 gauge steel insulated garage doors offer long-lasting dependability and quality to meet the rigors of daily use in most commercial and industrial applications. 25 gauge insulated steel garage doors are an alternative option for applications requiring economy and reliability in a lighter-gauge commercial garage door.

These are just our popular selling garage doors, stop down at our showroom or give us a call to see our full lineup of doors that we have to offer.

Rugged DuraCoil service doors
With aluminum, steel or stainless steel slats – are made to last. When you want the best, specify DuraCoil.

With a proven track record for durability, DuraShutter counter shutters are ideal for retail and commercial facilities where both appearance and dependability are important.

When security and visibility are primary considerations, choose our attractive rolling DuraGrille STANDARD security grille. The grille pattern, available in straight or brick, offers an unobstructed view of displays and merchandise. DuraGrille security grilles offer protection against theft and vandalism – all with a contemporary look.

Fire Doors

Raynor FireCurtain counter shutters are the standard for facilities that require a listed fire counter shutter in a rated fire wall. Provided with fusible links that automatically release to close the door at 165°F, the shutter can also be triggered by smoke and heat detectors, a building’s alarm system, or SS90 fail-safe devices. All FireCurtain counter shutters comply with UL, C-UL, FM and CSFM requirements for 3-hour, 1 1/2 hour and 3/4 hour fire rating. Optional UL-labeled countertops are also available. When safety and fire protection are crucial, choose FireCurtain.

Where safety and fire protection are crucial, choose FireCoil. Raynor FireCoil doors are the standard for facilities that require a listed fire door in a rated fire wall. Provided with fusible links that automatically release to close the door at 165°F, the door’s descent can also be triggered by smoke and heat detectors, a building’s alarm system, or SS90 fail-safe devices. FireCoil doors are UL, C-UL, FM and CSFM-labeled

Traffic Doors


These doors are ideal for stand-alone high traffic applications, in dock applications where security is not a concern and as a door behind a door when security is important. Whatever the application, your FabriCoil BASIC door is designed and manufactured for dependable performance—day in and day out.

At Raynor Doors of Nebraska, we specialize in finding the perfect operator for your door. Selecting the right one depends on many different factors such as power (voltage, phase), size of door, atmosphere, and also certain codes or specs that must be met on a job. Commercial operators have many different options to choose from.

Many Commercial doors are too big in size to just simply throw it up. That is why we depend on a commercial operator to make our lives easier. With just a push of a button, you can raise and lower your commercial door without a hassle. All commercial operators can utilize several different radio remote control features, so you can activate them from anywhere around the area of the door.

We have a fully trained commercial team that can install and your service your commercial operators, so you can be worry free when it comes time to operating your door. Give us a call to see what kind of operator will fit your door best and what kind of accessories we have to offer!




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