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My door is only going up a couple of inches or half way and then the door stops or goes back down.

This could come from a few different results, but 9 times out of 10, You may have a broken spring. The spring is dedicated to help the door move up and down by a tension mechanism system. Without a working spring, the door is very heavy. That is why it is only going up a couple of inches or so. Replacing a spring can be done quickly and professionally by a member of our service team. We will always have the right springs on our truck from the moment we arrive.

Can I replace my spring myself?

We highly recommend that you do not try to replace your own springs. They are extremely dangerous and are under an extremely high amount of tension. Trying to mess with torsion springs could result in severe injury if not done the right way. That is why you should let our highly trained service staff to take care of it. It will be done safely and quickly, and done the right way the first time.

My door starts to go down but then reverses.

This is a very common occurrence. Most of the time this is a result of a misaligned set of safety photo eyes on the bottom of your vertical garage door tracks. These are often bumped out of alignment from objects like a trash can. If your operator light is flashing after the door reverses, this indicates that is your photo eyes. Try re-aligning those first. Both eyes should be lit up which means they are both in sync.

My remotes are not working. Why is that?

Remotes can stop working sometimes. Always check the battery in the remote first. It could have simply used all of its power, and a simple battery change will do the trick. If that does not work, sometimes they just need to be reprogrammed. Our technicians can guide you through the simple steps to getting your garage door remotes synced up with your operator again.

I can see light coming in from under my garage door, How do I fix that?

This is a result of your garage door weather seals not sealing as tight as they should be. This outcome can be caused by a number of reasons. If you have an older door, it may be time to replace your weather seals. They can fade, shrink and lose their efficiency over time. Another reason you can see light under a garage door is because the concrete is not level (sloping or sinking), or the garage door itself may not be level. Our service team is able to get your door back in the best shape possible, and get rid of that light and air coming through!

Should I buy an insulated door or non-insulated door?

The answer to this question depends solely on what you plan on using the inside of the garage for. There are many different types of insulation levels that range from 0.0 to 18.0 in R-value. If your garage walls are insulated, you definitely want to have an insulated garage door. This will help hold in the warmer air in the winter and the cooler air in the summer. You would want a higher insulated door if you plan on using your garage as a shop, “man-cave,” or are using a heating/cooling option. A higher insulated door will also help lower your utility bills as you are not losing as much inside air through the garage.

Does a garage door require any maintenance?

Yes! A garage door should be maintained once a year. Just like your car, you need to maintain your garage door’s parts and operation to keep the door running smoothly and safely. We offer an annual inspection program where we will come out once a year to perform a simple OSA. OSA= Oil, Service & Adjust. We will go over every part of the door construction such as the rollers, hinges, tracks and more. If you give your door the maintenance that it needs each year, you will prolong the doors life, and will make the door safer for your family.

Why is my garage door and opener so loud?

A garage door and its opener have a lot of moving parts. They need to be oiled and maintained once a year to stay in top shape. When you hear the loud noises, it is the creaking or rubbing of moving parts. These include the rollers, hinges, operator gears, etc. As mentioned in the question above, our team can lower and eliminate this ugly annoying noise from your garage door and operator with a simple Oil, Service and Adjust service call.

My garage door has been hit. Now what? Can I get replacement panels?

Depending on how severely the door has been hit, our service team can usually get the door back into a temporary “Up & Running” shape, so you can use the door until replacement parts come in. Based on the make and model of the garage door we will do our best to find replacement sections and parts to get your door back into “brand new” shape. Always keep in mind though, in the end run, that new panels may look different than the older panels when it comes to the color. This is due to fading and discoloration of the older door panels, based on how old the door is.



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